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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  June 3, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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good afternoon we begin with breaking news from monroe pennsylvania, and several are dead and others are injured between a charter bus and a tractor trailer. it happened on interstate 380, between the poconos exit and traffic is stopped in both directions it's unclear what led up to the collision but there is quite a bit of wreckage at the keep and the tractor trailer sheered in half and two deaths and several injuries we are following this story and will have updates on air and online at >> more breaking news now from philadelphia's east falls section, where a worker was trapped after a crane overturned. "action news" reporter, john rawlins is live at the scene with more.
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>> reporter: hi sara this mishap occurred at 9:30 this morning, the penn crew were brought in to take down a diseased tree and they brought in heavy equipment including a crane and bucket truck, the crane tipped over at one point despite it had deployed its out riggers and injured a worker and he is transported to the hospital and was responsive and talking at the time but we don't know the extent of the injuries, no staff or teachers were in the area, they were not near harms way. right now the job is for inspectors to decide what went wrong here and then they have to try to get the crane upright and moving. live in east falls john
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rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. in south philadelphia, a crash shut down the southbound lanes of i-95 near broad street it happened near 10:40 this morning firefighters say that two vehicles and a tractor trailer collided and no word on if anyone was injured and if so how badly. >> philadelphia police are investigating a shooting in the city's winfield section, this happened an hour ago on haze hurst street and the train tracks the suspect was shot by police and sources pel "action news" that the suspect had a gun, but the person that was shot was taken to the nearby hospital. now, to the investigation in chester on the block where three fires have broken out in less than a week there. firefighters were called to the 400 block of bicly place on saturday, early friday morning a
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blaze broke out and then another blaze just a few feet from the other fires. katherine scott is live now with more. >> reporter: a press conference is going on right now and this is an active investigation all the fires are considered suspicious and the investigation continues and they have not determined arson yet and the press conference is going on right now in front of these six homes three fires in the last four days and three fires and all houses in the same row something is not right someplace, three fires in four days not off the same chester block but all next to each other, they have been positioned by the six row homes on bicly place that are damaged or destroyed. >> my mother is 66 years old and said another fire and i said
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again? >> some believe this is no accident. >> someone is just buying up these houses and properties and getting them cheap and coming back and rehabbing the houses and charging you an arm and a leg. >> the first one started at 420 bicly an unoccupied house and then early monday morning firefighters were back battling a blaze in 418 that was also vacant and it spread to more occupied homes and they they responded to 10 bicly where a family lives. >> a couple of days before that it was down the road and before that further down the road. >> the fire commissioner and mayor were there saying they are working to get to the bottom of this. >> we are deploying and looking at a number of perspectives and we'll continue to do so.
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>> back here live six row homes have fire damage and several more are affected. a press conference is going on right now and the officials a that the investigation is underway and that the fires are suspicious and it's lucky that no one has been hurt in all of this and the red cross will do a fire safety walk through here this afternoon. >> katherine, thank you. two people were hurt and one seriously when a fire ripped through a house in atlanticic county, this is 100 block of pleasantville at 2:00 this morning, when the firefighter as rived the fire had engulfed the roof, the cause of this fire is under investigation. new at noon, the montgomery county sheriff's office arrested several dead beat parents overnight. who they say have fallen behind on child support payments more than two dozen parents were
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targeted. the action cam was in norristown when they were brought in in all these parents owe more than $420,000 in back child support for more than 40 children. and to accuweather this gloomy june continues lets head live outside sky 6 hd showing you the ben franklin bridge still cloudy and cool out but we are hoping to see an end in sight. adam joseph is in for david murphy. >> reporter: we are seeing a brightening of the sky on city avenue, the sun is rying to bust out but as we look at double scan live radar and south of philadelphia, if you work down to atlantic city and cape may and dover a few patches of green on double scan live radar as showers try to move in from the south to the north and pockets of moderate rain from lewes, delaware and cape may and
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sea isle city, and as far north as atlantic city in the last 15 minutes. as we look at satellite, we are taking a look at some holes in the clouds from wilmington to philadelphia to trenton and lighter gray there and the brighter white of millville, where the cloud cover is really thick and lagging on in parts of the lehigh valley and reading and as we look at temperatures the cool northeasterly wind and with the shore and the clouds off the water and combination with showers mid-50s there and 64 in philadelphia and 63 in allentown, still cool for this time of year but better than what we dealt with the last 24 hours, yesterday was own in the 50s. a lot of clouds around and bribter if are you in philadelphia off to the north, temperatures at 4:00, are at 66 and upper 60s in the city for the evening commute and 6:00 the temperatures slide back to 66 degrees. a few showers in the forecast for tomorrow and the weekend is looking pretty good, we'll talk
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about the brighter side of the forecast coming up in the accuweather forecast coming up. lets get back to the breaking news out of the mt. pocono area, penndot camera looking live now here at i-380 in monroe county there was a head-on crash between tie charter bus and a tractor trailer, two are dead and 17 others are injured according to the associated press, this happened on interstate 380, in the poconos mountain region about 30 miles southwest of new york city, the photo shows the tractor trailer here sheered in half and the penndot camera shows traffic shut down in both directions be emergency workers are on the scene since this happened and many of the injured were reported to be unconscious and a dispatcher says that some victims were air-lifted to a
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local hospital. if you look back live, both sides of this highway in the poconos region are shut down right now, as rescue crews. it's unclear, or exactly who operated this bus. again, we are being told this was a head-on collision between monroe county and a charter bus we'll continue to monitor the situation here on the air and look for updates online here or online at in boston a man accused of sympathizing with isis and contemplating attacking police with their name is due back in court, one day after what police are calling a terror suspect was shot outside of a store. >> the police say they have video offed deadly
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confrontation, and he will face a judge in the same courthouse where boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev was convicted. this man suspected of taking up the isis call to attack police is expected in boston david wright charged with conspiracy to commit a crime and they believe he is connected to the terror suspect killed outside of this cvs by officers yesterday morning. rahim was under 24 hours surveillance and at 7:15, officers who reportedly knew he was armed confronted him at this parking lot in boston. >> the level of alarm brought us to question him. >> police say that the surveillance video shows rehome coming after the officers with this military style knife they said to back up and ordered rahim to drop the weapon and as he got dangerously close to the
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officers, they shot him. >> they did what they were trained to do and they had to take a life. >> he made statements saying he wanted to attack uniform police officers in line what isis has ordered through its aggressive social media campaign. a mom posted that his brother was on his way to work and on the phone with his father when he was shot and killed. >> they have not said that they are monitoring anyone else in connection with rahim. >> thank you. a scare on the slopes for a man in switzerland. what happened next after his slip and fall into a crevasse was caught on camera.
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into the opening. three people are recovering after their car was split in half by an amtrak train. >> you can see the car being slit into two right there, they are investigating if the crossing arms were down or if the driver drove around them. 170 people on the train but not injured. >> jurors will listen to more recordings of the movie theater shooter, yesterday the jury listened as he told the doctor he was calm and collected walking into the aurora theater, holmes says he does not remember most of the shots he fired but described firing at people running away. >> this made me focus on them. divert my attention to them because i can't have everyone running away. >> 12 people were killed and dozens more injured.
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holmes has pled not guilty by reason of insanity. prosecutors hope that the tapes will show he knew the difference between right and wrong at the time of the attack. >> a pittsburgh area woman is voicing her outrage on social media after had her fiance was fired from a chili's restaurant, after complaining about an employee that described people with special needs they have a 16-month-old with down syndrome, her fiance complained to management and the management told him quote he can then leave. >> not too long ago my son's medical file would have read mentally retarded and now it reads down syndrome because people use that in a derogatory manner. >> chili's says it does not condone that behavior and is investigating. >> still to come a warning for
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tech savvy teens and their parents how hughes using a smart phone could lead to damage. when "action news" at noon returns.
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children in need from going hungry. we'll hear from her later today. and forget spare change this panhandler is getting $167. and live outside at sky 6 hd looking at the platt bridge. the sun is finally trying to peek through. we'll check in with adam joseph. accuweather is coming up next.
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adam is here with another check from accuweather more of us seeing the sun but the not everybody. >> it's trying to come out and some brightness in the sky but if you go south to the shore it's a different situation a live look now from sky 6 hd in
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cape may water drops on the lens and clouds and choppy water, as we are dealing with showers in southern new jersey and delaware. as we go to double scan live radar, we can confirm that most of the delaware valley is in the dry but spinning showers from dover eastbound anywhere around atlantic city and ocean city and all points to the south. a closer look, it's not heavy rain but just enough to annoy you after a couple of days with heavy rain in southern new jersey, you are seeing puffs of green here, all the way to cape may. but for the city of philadelphia, 64 degrees right now yesterday we were at 55 degrees and the dew point nice and low at 50 and not a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. the wind at 16 miles per hour and the barometer is steady numbers are generally in the lower 60s area wide, with the
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exception of dover and the jersey shore overall in the 60s again with cloud cover and showers the moisture is trying to show up to the south. it's keeping it from excelling to philadelphia but north of i-80 that is where you break out to full sunshine where high pressure is in control this afternoon, philadelphia and points to the north cloudy to the south and a couple of showers, in the city, 68 and warmer to the south and this low tries to pull farther to the north so the sky could look ominous tomorrow. if are you in the lehigh valley that is the best opportunity of seeing sunshine this afternoon as we warm it up to 72 degrees down the shore temperatures cooler than the lehigh valley at 62 and a lot of clouds with that
12:27 pm
shower or two around. then as we get into thursday as the system tries to pull up from the south we get more in the way of a couple of showers and today just a few peeks of sun at 68 degrees and then the overnight hours tonight, 58 degrees and mainly cloudy and spotty showers trying to pull back in with the system to the south. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 68 today and we lose a couple of degrees tomorrow and more in the way of cloud cover, less brightening to the sky and a few showers to the shore, and then much brighter here on friday warmer up to 77 degrees, closer to average and could be a scattered thunderstorm in the afternoon and the weekend looking not all that bad clouds and sun on saturday and an outside shot of a shower and 80 and sunday 76 degrees and afternoon storms on monday with 82 and summer like on tuesday and 84 degrees. >> thank you. before we go to break we want to tell you we are continuing to follow the terrible crash in eastern
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pennsylvania. an "action news" crew is on the scene as is chopper 6, we know that three people are dead in the crash on i-380. chopper 6 hd is on the way to the scene. (female announcer) you could win $1,000 a day for life... (husband) hon! it's grover cleveland! (female announcer) ...when you play the new cash4life, from the pennsylvania lottery. (grover) nice! (husband) 3 club seats. 50 yard line. (female announcer) that means you too could experience the joy of winning. every day, for the rest of your life.
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(grover) new wheels. nice. see you tomorrow! (female announcer) cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. play for fun. cash for life. we begin this half hour with more on breaking news out of monroe county and rescuers remain on the scene of this
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accident with a charter bus and a tractor trailer on 380 northbound in toby hannah township. this is route 3 and toby. hanna exit number eight. the death toll has risen to three and some were trapped on the tour bus and four of them flown to father by trauma centers this crash happened after 10:00 this morning in the mt. pocono region the tractor trailer was traveling southbound and crossed the median and hit the bus head-on in the northbound lanes the cab of the tractor trailer landed in the woods on the side of the roadway and traffic is hut down in both directions and backed up for miles on both sides of interstate 380 chopper 6 hd is in route to the scene right now and we'll bring you updates during this newscast and also at in other news a worker was


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